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Due to the amount of research we have done on the products we have been working on, we now plan on opening our website early October. We almost have a brand new Western Revolver Section done, and our Civil War Revolvers is just wrapping up. Not only have we rewritten most of the text to include many more facts and history, but we have researched what famous individuals have used each Revolver, and what Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and Animation they were featured in. There is so much more to reveal, but that will have to wait till the curtain comes down!  

We will be focusing first on our Denix Replica Revolvers. We still sell all Denix Products. If you are looking for any Denix Products, please either email us at, or call our store at 905-233-4826 and we would be happy to help you. 

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Our main store in Bowmanville is now open. We are open Tuesday 11-6, thru Saturday 11-6.
We have plastic privacy glass at the counter and we wear a mask.
Please stay safe.