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About Shipping

Our Shipping Policy has been updated November 1st, 2020. It will be updated again when we update our site with New products other than Denix.

At this point, our Denix products can only be shipped within Canada. We cannot ship to the US due to customs restrictions at this time. As we add additional products in the Future, our shipping policy will change

Why Ship with Us?
We prioritize each shipment when we receive an order. Each item that is ordered is inspected for any damage that might have occurred before it arrived to us, to save you time by avoiding returns. We usually add bubble wrap to all our Denix Replicas so they don’t bounce around in their box. We wrap each box in bubble wrap, and shrink wrap on top of that making it difficult to tamper with or break open during transit. We do not mark up our shipping and do not charge for packaging or materials used in packaging. We use tracking numbers so you can see where your package is on route, packages are usually signed for delivery, and each package is insured. We do our best to make sure your product reaches you quickly, and safely, in the timeframe we communicate to you. Please see below for more details about Shipping.

Shipping with Us:
All products are shipped using Canada Post. You can pick 1of 3 different options using Canada Post in our shipping section. Your shipment has tracking numbers, signed for delivery, and insurance included. We ship everything from Postal Code L1C 0H0. You can check the Canada Post Website using this postal code to estimate your shipping costs. We do not markup shipping and do not charge for handling. We check each product before we ship it to make sure there is no damage. We package everything with extreme care, usually using a box to pack the item securely, then wrapped in bubble wrap, then wrapped in plastic wrap, and we heat that up so it shrinks, forming an airtight waterproof package! We provide you with a tracking number as well as where and how to use it. In the event the item is out of stock at our supplier, we will offer you a refund, or we can keep the order, and let you know when it will be available, and ship it at that time. We will attempt to give you a timeframe when the supplier expects it. Depending where you are located, on average, it takes about a week to receive your order under normal circumstances.

Shipping Details:
When you make a purchase, several things happen. First, we check to see that we have it in stock. If the item is not in stock, we order it, and pick it up within 1 – 2 days from order. Then, we check the item to make sure there are no visible flaws or damage. Then we wrap it up using bubble wrap, as well as plastic wrap, to secure it. It is then shipped out within 1 – 2 Business days. If the product has to be ordered, we will contact you right away so you are aware. If we have to order it, then Shipping will usually be from 2-3 Business days from procurement. We always attempt to ship our products as quickly as possible, and will keep you informed during the process.

On occasion, some payment methods may require a small amount of time to be authorized. Some basic PayPal accounts may be like this. And a small amount of Credit Cards may hold the payment for whatever reason. If this happens, we will contact you so you are aware the order is being held until payment clears. This does not happen often.

If your item does not arrive when you expect it, please contact us at Please include Tracking Number if possible.

Payment Methods:
Payment methods on our website are listed along the bottom of each page.

Contact Us:
Contact details are found here.

Cancelling an Order, Returns, and Refund Policy:
Orders can be cancelled at any time up until the product has shipped. There is no charge for cancelling an order before its shipped. Once shipped, you may return it within 14 days of purchase. We will refund you the amount of purchase. You are responsible for paying for the shipping return.

Privacy Policy:
For more details regarding Your Privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.

Customs and Duties:
Once we add new items to our site, some items will be available to ship outside of Canada. You are required to pay any Customs or Duties charged directly from Canada Post or whatever postal service delivers to your area.