Welcome to our new site! We are currently building upon Denix Products for the Holiday Season. Beginning in January we will be adding other Product Lines that we carry at our store such as Home Décor and Unique Gifts.

About Compare Price

Just what does 'Compare Price' mean?

We researched 3 Canadian Denix Resellers, and checked the price of each product we sell. The price that is Crossed Out, represents the highest price we found out of the 3. We looked at the lowest price and beat that price usually by at least a couple dollars or more. So the 'Compare Price' is our Selling Price, which at the time we checked, was lower then any of those 3 resellers.

We will check prices 2 times a year and make our adjustments at that time. Or if we are informed of a supplier increase, we will check again. 

We do our best to provide you with the best value for your dollar.