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Denix Replica American Civil War Navy Revolver, Manufactured by S. Colt, USA (1851)

Denix Replica American Civil War Navy Revolver, Manufactured by S. Colt, USA (1851)

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Denix Replica American Civil War Navy Revolver, Manufactured by S. Colt, USA (1851)


Bright Brass and Bright Nickel Finish with Engraving

The Colt Revolving Belt Pistol or 1851 Navy Pistol is a cap and ball percussion revolver that was designed by Samuel Colt between 1847 and 1850. Colt first referred to this Revolver as the Ranger Size model, and then Revolving Belt, but the designation "Navy" quickly took over. It was sometimes erroneously referred to as "of Naval or Navy Caliber". In this case Naval is a heavy gun and Navy Size Caliber was termed later for another Colt model. The Navy revolver was sized for carrying in a belt holster. It became very popular in North America at the time of Western expansion. Colt's aggressive promotions distributed the Navy and his other revolvers across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

This Denix non-firing replica has the size and handling characteristics of the original, with functional lock and loading mechanisms. It can be cocked and fired and when the hammer is pulled back the chamber will rotate allowing for the reloading process to be performed. The .36 caliber round lead ball weighs 80 grains and, at a velocity of 1,000 feet per second, is comparable to the modern .380 pistol cartridge in power. Both models of this Denix replica are unique conversions of the original, both with their detailed scrollwork and colors.

The cylinder of this revolver is engraved with a scene of the victory of the Second Texas Navy at the Battle of Campeche on May 16, 1843. The Texas Navy had purchased the earlier Colt Paterson Revolver, but this was Colt's first major success in the gun trade; the naval theme of the engraved cylinder of the Colt 1851 Navy revolver was Colt's gesture of appreciation. The engraving was provided by Waterman Ormsby. Despite the "Navy" designation, the revolver was chiefly purchased by civilians and military land forces.

The Colt 1851 Single Action Navy Revolver was is service between 1851 -1878 and was used by The United States, The Confederate States, Australia, UK, Canada, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Qing Dynasty, Native Americans, Mexico and Germany plus several more countries. It was used in the following wars, and this is not a complete list. Taiping Rebellion 1850–1864, Crimean War 1853–1856, American Civil War 1861–1865, American Indian Wars, Austro-Prussian War 1866, Red River Rebellion, Franco-Prussian War 1870–1871, and the Russo-Turkish War 1877–1878. The Ottoman Empire used the revolver as late as the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78 even though it was quite antiquated compared to the Russians' Smith & Wesson Model 3.

After the Civil War, revolvers using fixed metallic cartridges came into widespread use. The Colt Navy remained in production until 1873, being replaced in the Colt line with what would become one of the manufacturer's most famous handguns, the Colt Single Action Army.

Famous "Navy" users included Wild Bill Hickok, William Buffalo Bill Cody, John Henry "Doc" Holliday, Richard Francis Burton, Ned Kelly, Bully Hayes, Ben Pease, Seth Kinman, Emir Abdelkader, Richard H. Barter, Charlie Goodnight, Robert E. Lee, Nathan B. Forrest, John O'Neill, Frank Gardiner, Ulysses S. Grant, Quantrill's Raiders, Tom Bell, Kootenay Brown, John Coffee "Jack" Hays, "Bigfoot" Wallace, Frederick Townsend Ward, Ben McCulloch, Addison Gillespie, John "Rip" Ford, "Sul" Ross and most Texas Rangers prior to the Civil War. Use continued long after more modern cartridge revolvers were introduced.

Enjoy these fine Wild West Replicas and everything they mean to you, created by Denix from Spain!

Also available in Dual Tone Brass & Nickel Finish 1040/L

Features & Details
• Non-firing Replica based on the original
• Pull the hammer back to cock the pistol
• Pull the trigger to fire the hammer
• Catch release to break open & reload
• Decorated antique frame assembly
• Barrel Length: 7.5" Octagonal Barrel
• Overall Length: 35 cm
• Weight: 1050g
• Material: Bright Brass and Bright Nickel Finish with Engraving
• Handle Material: Simulated Ivory Grips featuring the American Eagle
• Fires Denix Caps


The Colt Navy Revolver 1851 and its variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime and are used by the following Actors and Characters. CC denotes `Cartridge Conversions’, RMC denotes `Richards-Mason Conversion’, and USM denotes `U.S. Marshal’ variant. *:

How the West Was Won, Gregory Peck (Cleve Van Valen), 1962
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Eli Wallach (Tuco), 1966
Little Big Man, Dustin Hoffman (Jack Crabb), 1970
The Light at the Edge of the World, Yul Brynner (Jonathan Kongre), 1971
My Name Is Nobody, Henry Fonda (Jack Beauregard, 1973
The White Buffalo, Charles Bronson (Wild Bill Hickok), 1977
Dawn of the Dead, Ken Foree (Peter), 1978
Glory, Matthew Broderick (Col. Shaw), 1989
Gettysburg, C. Thomas Howell  (Thomas Chamberlain), 1993
American Beauty, Seen in Franks gun case, Nickel-plated and fitted with Ivory grips, 1999
Gangs of New York, David Hemmings (Mr. Schermerhorns), dual-wielded, 2002
True Grit , Jeff Bridges (Deputy Marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn), dual-wielded, 2010
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Keanu Reeves (John Wick), 2019
Red Mountain, Alan Ladd         Brett Sherwood 1951-CC
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Clint Eastwood (Blondie), with silver snake grips, 1966-CC
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Lee Van Cleef (Angel Eyes), 1966-CC
Chato's Land, Charles Bronson (Chato), 1972-CC
Chato's Land, Jack Palance (Capt. Quincey Whitmore), 1972-CC
Dances With Wolves, Kevin Costner (Lt. John J. Dunbar), 1990-CC
Wyatt Earp, Kevin Costner (Wyatt Earp), 1994-RMC
Wild Bill, Jeff Bridges (James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok), 1995-RMC
The Quick and the Dead, Leonardo DiCaprio (The Kid), 1995-RMC
The Quick and the Dead, Russell Crowe (Cort), 1995-RMC
3:10 to Yuma, Christian Bale (Dan Evans), 2007-RMC
Quigley Down Under, Tony Bonner (Dobkin), fitted with Ivory grips, 1990-USM
Lucky Luke, (Thugs), 2009-USM                                                 

North and South, David Carradine (Justin LaMotte), 1985
Stargate: Atlantis, Ron Selmour (Jannick), "Identity" (S05E18), 2008
Demons (Besy), Evgeni Tkachuk (Ivan Shatov), Denix non-firing replica, 2014

Video Game:
Resident Evil 4, On a painting in a castle, 2005
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, 2016
Red Dead Redemption II, Navy Revolver, Added in Moonshiners update, 2018
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, "Ranger", 2013-CC
Fistful of Frags, "Colt Navy", 2014-CC
Dying Light, "Ranger", 2015-CC
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, "C1851 Conversion", 2016-RMC

Rango, (Town's folk), 2011

Gun Frontier, (Harlock), 2002
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World, (Kino), "Navy London" variant, 2003
Samurai Champloo, (Mukuro), Anachronistic, 2004-2005
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, (Dead man), S2E14, "Justice, Part 1", 2014

*Not a complete list.

Available in two finishes: Dual Tone Brass & Nickel Finish with Engravings 1040/L, and Bright Brass and Bright Nickel Finish with Engraving 1040/B