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Denix Replica American Civil War Dragoon Army Revolver, Manufactured By S. Colt, USA (1851)

Denix Replica American Civil War Dragoon Army Revolver, Manufactured By S. Colt, USA (1851)

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Denix Replica American Civil War Dragoon Army Revolver, Manufactured By S. Colt, USA (1851)


Gun Metal Grey Finish

The Colt Dragoon Revolver was one of the first revolvers invented by Sam Colt.  It was produced with several variations between 1847 – 1860, which included the Walker Transitions, First, Second, and Third Models.  It was created for the U.S. Army's Regiment of Mounted Rifles, but also became popular among civilians during the 1850s and 1860s. About 18,500 pieces were made in the U.S.A. It was a large powerful .44 caliber percussion-lock gun intended to be used from horseback.

The Colt Dragoon Revolver evolved from the Colt Walker Revolver. There were numerous problems with the Colt Walker. Mainly the Walker’s heavy weight, which made it suitable only for use from horseback, the Walker’s tendency for cylinders exploding on occasion when fired, and the Walker’s habit of dropping the loading lever upon discharge, jamming the revolver action in the middle of combat. The new design incorporated a new chamber that allowed about 10 grams less gunpowder to reduce the problem of ruptured cylinders. The Dragoon Revolver had a shorter barrel at 7.5 inches as compared to the 9 inches barrel on the Walker. The catch was redesigned to hold the loading lever even with heavy recoil. Later Models included oval cylinder stops, a square back trigger guard, a V-shape mainspring, and frame cuts for detachable shoulder stocks, among a few other minor changes.

The cylinder depicts what is popularly called the ‘Ranger and Indian’ scene where mounted dragoons and Indians engage in a running skirmish. This roll engraving pays tribute to a battle between Comanche Indians and Texas Ranger Capt. Jack Hays and his Rangers at Enchanted Rock, near present day Fredericksburg, Texas.

Colt Dragoons became extremely popular during the American Civil War. In the beginning Colt Dragoon Revolvers were issued for the U.S. Army's Mounted Rifles, where they were carried in pommel holsters on the saddle. The Colt Dragoon Revolver gained popularity in the Southwest among civilians where many had served in the Mexican–American War. The Dragoon became a master weapon for civilians who hailed it as a powerful weapon of the time. The Colt Dragoon Revolvers were also involved in the American Indian Wars.

Famous `Dragoon’ users included Joaquin Murietta, the California bandit, Charley Parkhurst, California teamster, James Douglas Byrd, Town Marshal, Watsonville, California, 1868, Tiburcio Vasquez, Union general George B McClellan, and fictional Augustus McCrae, in the novel Lonesome Dove, Mattie Ross in the novel True Grit, Charley Parkhurst, while driving freight, was confronted by two bandits whom he dispatched with the Colt Holster Pistol. And according to Harper's Weekly, James Butler (Wild Bill) Hickok arrived in Springfield, Missouri carrying a Dragoon.

Enjoy these fine Wild West Replicas and everything they mean to you, created by Denix from Spain!

Features & Details
• Non-firing Replica based on the original
• Simulated mechanism for charge and firing
• Pull the hammer back to cock the pistol
• Pull the trigger to fire the hammer
• Barrel Length: 7.5”
• Overall Length: 35 cm
• Material: Gun Metal Grey finish
• Handle Material: Wood Grip
• Weight: 1568g
• Fires Denix Caps

The Colt Dragoon Army Revolver and its variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime and are used by the following Actors and Characters. *:

Heaven's Gate, Mickey Rourke (Nick Ray), 3rd Model, 1980
Heaven's Gate, Christopher Walken (Nathan D. Champion), 3rd Model, 1980
Quigley Down Under, Laura San Giacomo (Cora), 2nd Model, 1990
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter, Temuera Morrison (The Hangman),                   2000
Bandidas, Sam Shepard (Bill Buck), 3rd Model, 2006
Seraphim Falls, Liam Neeson (Carver), 2006
Seraphim Falls, Pierce Brosnan (Gideon), 2006
True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld (Mattie Ross), 2010
Cowboys & Aliens, Walton Goggins (Hunt), 2011
The Last Stand, Peter Stormare (Burell), 1st Model, 2013

North and South, Patrick Swayze (Lt. Orry Main), Cartridge, 1985
North and South, James Read (Lt. George Hazard), Cartridge, 1985

Case Closed, (Criminal), Ep. 891 - 'Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Part 1)', 2018

*Not a complete list.