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Denix Replica American Civil War Confederate LeMat Revolver, USA (1855)

Denix Replica American Civil War Confederate LeMat Revolver, USA (1855)

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Denix Replica American Civil War Confederate LeMat Revolver, USA (1855)


Gun Metal Grey Finish

The LeMat Revolver was produced between 1856 – 1865 and was a .42 or .36 caliber cap & ball black powder revolver which was invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans. It featured a rather unusual secondary 16 - 20 gauge smooth-bore barrel which was capable of firing buckshot. This unique sidearm was also know as the “Grape Shot Revolver”. It was used by the Confederate States during the American Civil War, as well as the Franco-Prussian War. It was a single action revolver and a single action shotgun.

It was developed in New Orleans in 1856 by Jean Alexandre Le Mat, whose manufacturing effort was backed by his cousin P. G. T. Beauregard, who became a general in the Confederate Army. When the American Civil War broke out, LeMat received Confederate contracts for five thousand revolvers. Plans were laid to manufacture them abroad and then import them into the Confederacy, which lacked the facilities for production locally. Approximately 2,900 were produced in Liège, Belgium and Paris, France. The European-made pistols were shipped through Birmingham, England. About 900 revolvers were shipped to the Confederate Army and 600 to the Confederate Navy by way of Bermuda to avoid the Southern Naval Blockade during the American Civil War.

What makes LeMat's Revolvers distinctive is that it has a 9-shot cylinder, and the central barrel can function as a short-barreled shotgun, which fired buckshot or a slug, and the shooter selecting whether to fire from the cylinder or the smooth-bore barrel by flipping a lever on the end of the hammer. This gave the user flexibility to use either the pistol or the shot-gun feature easily. It had a jointed ramrod mounted on the frame which could load both barrels.

The variants of the LeMat were the `Muzzle Loader’, which was the first variant, the `Pinfire Cartridge’, being the second variant, the `Centerfire’ variant is the third, and this came with a distinctive grip, the `Carbine’, a rare variant with extended barrels and a rifle type stock that was 20” in length, and the `Baby LeMat’, which was the rarest variant that is reduced in size with a 4 ¾” barrel and the revolver chambered in .32 caliber and the shotgun chambered in .41 caliber bore. Only 100 were produced.

Famous `LeMat’ users include Confederate General Beauregard and Colonel LeMat, Major Generals Braxton Bragg, J. E. B. StuartRichard H. Anderson, and Captain Henry Wirz. Confederate Major General J. E. B. Stuart "was known to favor the LeMat revolver". General Beauregard's personal engraved LeMat, which he carried throughout the war, is now preserved at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia.

Enjoy these fine Wild West Replicas and everything they mean to you, created by Denix from Spain!

Features & Details
• Non-firing Replica based on the original
• Pull the hammer back to cock the pistol
• Pull the trigger to fire the hammer
• Jointed Ramrod used to load both barrels
• Overall Length: 37 cm
• Material: Gun Metal Grey Finish
• Handle Material: Hard Resin Composite Grip
• Weight: 1475g
• Fires Denix Caps

The LeMat Revolver and its variants can be seen in the following films, television series, and video games and are used by the following Actors and Characters. *:

The Quick and the Dead, Sven-Ole Thorsen (Gutzon), 1995
Twelve Monkeys, Jon Seda (Jose), 1995
Twelve Monkeys, Bruce Willis (James Cole), 1995
Last Stand at Saber River, David Dukes (Edward Janroe), 1997
Cold Mountain, Jude Law (W.P. Inman), 2003
The Punisher (2004), Seen in a gun case, 2004
Jonah Hex, John Malkovich (Quentin Turnbull), 2010
The Warrior's Way, Danny Huston (Colonel), 2010
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Peter Stormare (Sheriff Berringer), 2013

Johnny Ringo, Don Durant (Johnny Ringo), 1959–1960
The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Michael Praed                  (Phileas Fogg), 2000                    
Mail Call, Season 2,  2002-2009
Firefly, Adam Baldwin, (Jayne Cobb), Visually modified to look futuristic, 2002-2003
NCIS - Season 3, Ep. 3.03 "Silver War", found in an old Confederate weapons cache, 2005-2006
Westworld - Season 1, Ed Harris (The Man in Black), Customized cartridge-conversion  2016-

Video Game:
Call of Juarez, "Hybrid Gun", 2007
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, "Hybrid Gun", 2009
Red Dead Redemption, "LeMat Revolver", 2010
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, "M1 Irons", Added with update on 5 May 2015, 2014
Hunt: Showdown, "LeMat Mark 2 Revolver", 2018
Red Dead Redemption II, "LeMat Revolver", Added with update on May 2019, 2018

*Not a complete list.