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About Western Revolvers

Between approximately the 1850's to the 1910's, was a time often referred to as the Old West or the Wild West. The American frontier, The Wild West, or The Western Frontier includes the geography, history, folklore, as well as the cultural way of life during the first wave of American expansion. This began with English colonial settlements on or near the East Coast around the early 17th century, and ended with the admission of the last remaining western territories as states in 1912. The popular folk frontier concentrates on the conquest and settlement of Native American lands west of the Mississippi River, in what is now the Midwest, Texas, the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the Southwest, and the West Coast.

One of the most popular categories of firearms during this period, was the revolver. The revolver is a repeating handgun that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers, each holding a single cartridge, and at least one barrel for firing. They were usually carried on the hip in a holster. During the development of revolvers, or other firearms of the period, one of the most important factors was the time that was required to reload the firearm after it was fired. While the used of said firearm was reloading, the weapon was of no use, as it effectively provided any adversary the chance to would or even kill the user. Hence the speed of reloading became increasingly important. Some users would use more then 1 firearm. 

In 1836, an American named Samuel Colt, patented a popular revolver which led to the widespread use of the revolver. According to Samuel Colt, he came up with the idea for the revolver while at sea, inspired by the capstan. A capstan is a vertical-axled rotating machine developed for use on sailing ships to multiply the pulling force of seamen when hauling ropes and cables. The capstan had a ratchet and pawl mechanism on it, a version of which was used in his guns to rotate the cylinder by cocking the hammer.

In 1873, Colt introduced the famous Model 1873, also known as the Single Action Army, the "Colt .45" or simply, "the Peacemaker", one of the most famous handguns ever made. This popular design, which was a culmination of many of the advances introduced in earlier weapons, fired 6 metallic cartridges and was offered in over 30 different calibers and various barrel lengths. Its design has influenced countless other revolvers. Another handgun of the era was created for the US Cavalry with the help of Major George W Schofield, was called the .45 Cal. Schofield.

We will be creating more information on Western Films and Western Video games, and the Guns that were used in them in the near future.

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