Welcome to Artistic Edge Home Decor & Unique Accessories & Gifts

Welcome to our Updated site, still in progress.
This site finally features our new navigation which is broken down into 5 main categories:

Home Decor Items, Unique Giftware, Fantasy & Gothic Collection, Historical & Cultural Collectables, and ZWILLING J.A. Henckels products.
 You will SOON be able to quickly browse thru the categories and from each one go directly to the eCommerce site page of that particular category.
This part of the site will contain product updates and other information. The eCommerce site will have several images of each product,
and a description, and be sorted by the same categories as this site. And of course you will be able to securely purchase from there.

See What's New or for more up to date details visit us on Facebook

New Guitar Money Banks just posted July 14th

We are working hard and have updated a few pages to show which will be opening on phase 1.
We expect that our ecommerce site will open late July 2014.
Wherever we are at that time we'll be 'throwing the switch' so its just a question of how many sections we can get up by then.

Once the site is open...
 we will be adding product on a weekly basis and always looking for new unique items to add to it.
We already have enough planned for expansion to take us into 2015.
More info to come very shortly as we near the opening of our eCommerce site!

For all new updates visit our Facebook site featuring Site news about Ecommerce Site.
Our Facebook site is now showing new items that are coming either to our store or will be available
on our Ecommerce site only once it opens.  

We are now on

Pinterest just Updated!

New Hours for the Spring
  Mon:  CLOSED DURING SUMMER     Tues:  10am - 6pm   Weds:  10am - 6pm   Thurs:  10am - 6pm    Fri:  10am - 6pm    Sat:  10am - 5pm   Sun: CLOSED


Updated July 14th 2014