Welcome to Artistic Edge Home Decor & Unique Accessories & Gifts...Now E Commerce Enabled!

The site has just been launched on Sept 10th. We expect the odd speed bump as we move forward, the worst is behind us!

Now that we have the site launched, we can focus on Phase 2. This will include filling up many of the catagories that do not have any product yet. 

We are very excited to offer some of the very excellent products you will find.
This will be the perfect spot for some very Unique Gift Ideas this Holiday season!

Both website and E comm site is broken down into 5 main categories:

Home Decor Items, Unique Giftware, Fantasy & Gothic Collection, Historical & Cultural Collectables, and ZWILLING J.A. Henckels products.
These links lead to the the pages in this website which in time, will show new products in the e commerce site and more.
Click to images below to enter the main catagories of our E Commerce site!
More products will be added daily!

See What's New or for more up to date details visit us on Facebook

New Guitar Money Banks just updated July 14th

E Commerce Enter

Please click the Graphic above to enter the section/graphic you click in our E Commerce site!
Or click thur this site and you will notice images with links on the pages that are open in E Commerce.
Also you can move your mouse over the navigation, and look for the different colour text. That means that section is open.
We will update all of this daily as we work to bring more product on a daily basis.

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS will open Oct 1st with some new specials for October, and more till the end of year.
Each section has what we thought we'd put up first. Of course my next list for phase 2 has the following sections to get up:
More Fairies (Lots), Zombies, Steampunk Clocks, Ergo Clocks, Skulls, Medieval Knights, Anne Stokes, more assorted Fantasy Decor in general,
Angels (basically the entire section), Viking and Norse, Automotive, Musical Items, and for the Religious section,
Religious Bronze, Religious Porclen, Religious Resin Figures, Nativity Scenes.

Phase 2 should be complete Oct 1st. Then we move on to another list which we will share.

There may be some bumps over the first few days, but nothing that shouldn't be able to work out.

You will notice that when you are in the ecommerce site or the shopping cart, the writing at the top is green.
This shows the level of security we use which on average is higher then what is called for.
We believed that protecting your shopping experience and personal information was our #1 Priority in running an E Commerce site.
Feel free to click any of the security site buttons to see the level of security and check on google exactly what that means.

And finally, thats for waiting. And now...as we get back to normal, this will include (Probably after the Holiday season) 'whats new on the web' on the pages of this web site. Also starting in a few weeks we'll be doing regular updates on products again.

And now, back to our regular program now in progress....

We finished up with the Toronto Gift and Trade show on Aug 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th.
We did lots of prebooking for Spring Home and Garden, as well as focused on making sure we will be stocked to the ceiling with exciting new gift ideas for everyone this fall! Everything will start to arrive early September and we plan on keeping things well stocked from the middle of the month on.

We will be doing a 2 day renovation early in September and the date is yet to be determined.
We are now open again on Mondays from now thru the end of the year.

You can get almost daily updates on our FaceBook page to find out how things are going plus hear more about the E commerce as we change our focuse on that from when its coming to new products that are entered or what are the new sections that have opened.

Remember, you can order online and choose to pickup at the store if you live nearby, thus pay no shipping.

We also are working on another shipping option or 2 for those of you that live in the GTA.
We may have a once a week delivery at a flat rate during the day (TBD) as well as have a pick up location more central.
More news on those soon as we have it all figured out.
If you have questions about shipping any particular item please contact us.

We are located in Bowmanville Ontario Canada.
If you live in Clairington, or Durham, then shipping is very easy. Pickup is also a possibility.

And like we said for the GTA, we are working on a central location for pickup which we will have in place shortly. 

We already have enough planned for expansion to take us into 2015.
More info to come every few days as we communicate to you whats new!

For all new updates visit our Facebook site featuring Site news about Ecommerce Site.
Our Facebook site will be showing new items on a regular basis. 

We are now on

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Updated Sept 10th 2014